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Your Voice is Unique,
And so are YOU.

Here at Jocelyn Ong Vocal Studio, we believe that effective voice training has to be based on the premise that good singing is good singing in any style. It should facilitate the development of your individual freedom of expression in the most vocally liberating, optimal, and healthy way possible. 


Jocelyn Ong Vocal Studio and Guitar Emerge's combined student performance at the Esplanade Concourse, Singapore.

How do we do this?


Training begins with an interview and a diagnostic test to ascertain individual goals.

Customised Training//

Training plans are tailored to individual age, voice condition, voice type, target genre, personal goals, vocal demands, etc.


Student-Centered Instruction//

Rather than developing a dependence on the voice teacher, our training encourages learners to build their own understanding (as much as possible) through inquiry, self-exploration and self-monitoring.

Real-World Applications//

Learning is situated in real-world contexts that are applicable to the learner, whether they be live performances, digital recordings, karaoke sessions, public speaking, etc.


Our Value-Add

Teaching Experience//

The vast scope of contemporary music and the uniqueness of every voice demands a high degree of flexibility and versatility in voice teaching. It is the experienced teacher who can combine several relevant strategies into a concerted, effective approach. 


Performance Experience//

 Gigging singers have mostly been left to find their own way through changes in music delivery (e.g. digital vs. live performance), industry expectations, and audience demands. A voice teacher who is also a professional performer and musician, and who has been through all that, will be able to bring valuable insight into the training programme.

Continual Professional Development//

As self-professed "vocal geeks", we are constantly updating our professional knowledge with the latest research and developments in voice science and pedagogy. This enables Jocelyn Ong Vocal Studio to be able to provide a current, holistic, and evidence-based approach to voice training with a compassionate human touch. 

Jocelyn's band performing with local radio DJ and singer John Klass.

Our Clients

After more than a decade of being in the business of voice teaching, Jocelyn Ong Vocal Studio has served a wide range of clients, including beginner singers, aspiring pop stars, singer-songwriters, show choirs, 'The Voice Kids' competitors, musical theatre enthusiasts, corporate trainers, emcees, church worship leaders, professional singer/musicians, and diverse learners from 4 all the way to 83 years of age. We have also been engaged by Singapore's Ministry of Education (MOE) to conduct Professional Development training programmes for MOE's music teachers.

We are indeed humbled and exceedingly grateful to have so many people trust us with their voices -- the only ones they will have for their entire life. These opportunities have enabled us to develop a broad understanding of different voice types, accents, genres of contemporary singing, as well as learner needs across various developmental stages, sharpening our ability to bring out the best in our clients. We hope to continue caring for your voices, enabling you to fulfil your dreams, and contributing to healthy, optimal voice use in Singapore and the rest of the world.


What our clients say

Arvin Yeo,

Corporate Trainer

"I went to Jocelyn, seeking her expertise in correcting my vocal presentation when speaking to crowds. She raised my awareness on bad voice projection habits that I have to prevent me from straining my vocal cords. I am now able to speak for longer without straining my voice."

And more...

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